In Lausanne Latvian complemetarity threw a ball of 60.35 metres and became the seventh, and won the Croatian Sarah Colac (68,43 m — a new record for Croatia and the best result of the season in the world).

The next stage of the diamond League in London — four years later with a cast on 60,91 m was eighth, just ahead of current world champion German Katharina Molitor. In London was the best Czech Spotakova (68,26 m). The competition was held at the stadium where the 4th of August will begin the world championship in athletics.

And on the stage of the Diamond League in Rabat (Morocco) Palamara took the last place with a score of 57,80 feet. He defeated the Czech Spotakova of Barbot (of 63.73 m).

After the competition in Morocco, it became clear that this season with Six misses in the final of the Diamond League, but there were two major commercial launch. Best performance was sixth place at the first stage in Eugene (USA) with a cast on 62,14 meters. But the farthest throw this season (63,92 m) Palamara made in June at the home Cup Janis Lusis.

Last season at the last stage of the Diamond League in Brussels that's marada Palamara threw a spear at 66,18 meters (has updated his record of Latvia) and secured the victory in the overall season.