Putin said that he believes "not everything is ideological motives, a greater geopolitical rivalry".

"Today, I believe, the fault of our partners in the United States that they still see Russia as a threat, as if it were their main geopolitical enemy. We have many areas in which collaboration with no doubt would bring positive results and Russia, and the United States, and the world," — said the President of the Russian Federation.

According to him, in 2001, Russia offered the U.S. to work together on missile defense, but Washington refused. "We tried to convince him (US President George W. Bush), to show him — and it was not entirely in vain — that it was a threat to us. At a certain stage American partners at the level of the Ministry of defense, the state Department said that they understand our concerns. And I have to say, we offered to work together on a missile defense system — United States, Europe and Russia", — said Putin.

The Russian leader said he did not believe in the version about the involvement of U.S. intelligence to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York.

Vladimir Putin in an interview with Oliver Moan told that the Kremlin and the administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama were close to reaching an agreement on Syria, but Washington refused it.

Moscow discussed with Washington the coordination of issues related to the safety of the flight of Russian aircraft, but has not progressed further. Nevertheless the plans of the Russian authorities, according to Putin, was to agree on joint action, including joint shock.

The President of Russia believes that Russian farmers need to thank the Obama administration for the anti-Russian sanctions. "Our agriculture must say thanks to the Obama administration. Thanks to their actions we have taken countermeasures, which mainly belonged to the agricultural market. Due to these measures, we were able to establish our production in regular format," he explained.

According to him, in 2016 had a record harvest of grain and other grain: "I know you love Russia, and I am pleased to report that Russia has become the first in the world in the export of grain".

Answering the question of whether it clashes "with Berezovsky or to people like Khodorkovsky" Vladimir Putin has noticed that "head-on collisions was not." "I just told them to be equidistant from the government. It was then a popular term".

Vladimir Putin spoke about the damage to the Ukrainian economy because of the Association with the EU. "The EU opened its borders to Ukraine. This nullified the tariffs for Ukrainian products. But the supply of Ukrainian products to the EU fell by 23%, in Russia — 50%. The effect has not met expectations and they've lost access to the Russian market", — Putin said stone in may 2016.

According to the President, the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products restricted by quotas, which in the end caused damage from the first months of signing the agreement.

"Ukraine is now fighting for visa-free regime for their citizens. But why do they do it? They will not be able to obtain free access to the labour market outside the country. But people are again cheating, because even if "bezviz" would be to work there, they will not" — said Putin just over a year ago.

From 16 June in the USA in sale the book of American film Director Oliver stone "Interview with Putin" (The Moscow Interviews), reports "Interfax".

The book was printed by the publishing house "Hot Books". It costs a little more than $ 14, and buy the book in American online stores. An interview with the Russian President was issued in the form of audio books.

From 12 to 15 June on Showtime was shown four parts of the documentary film "Interview with Putin". In Russia premiere of the film "Interview with Putin" 19-22 June will show the First channel.