In an interview with LETA, Dallas said, is actively cooperating with the state revenue Service (SRS) and law enforcement agencies by providing all necessary information in the case of published overheard at the hotel Rīdzene negotiations between politicians and businessmen, served as one of the key proofs in the so-called "business oligarchs", which was filed in 2011.

"I have fulfilled their promises. Put aside all things and yesterday was in the SRS, and today - the Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption", - said the Minister. He noted that he answered all the questions posed to these agencies, but did not disclose the content of these questions.

On the question of considering whether the Minister is able to resign, Dallas answered in the negative. "I had not considered this possibility, because nothing published there, and is told is untrue", - said the politician.

The resignation of Duklavs trying to initiate the MPs of the opposition parliamentary faction of the Latvian Association of regions (ENT). For this they need to collect the signatures of ten members of the Saeima. In ENT, there are seven deputies who signed the document, but members of other parties did not support this proposal.

As reported, the bpbc the beginning of the test about published in the journal of Ir information that Duklavs, perhaps, indirectly owns the land plot in the Riga free port, which he did not indicate in its Declaration. The Minister this information categorically deny.