Disapproval was expressed by 58 percent of respondents. It is noted that the lowest figure for the head of state over the past 70 years.

43 percent of respondents praised the decision trump the economy, 41 percent voted against and the rest abstained. More than half (55 percent) felt that the President had not made progress on the set goals. Positive dynamics in this issue saw only 38 percent of the US population.

Every second Respondent (48%) would not trust the head of state to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Only a third of respondents (32 percent) completely relied on trump in this regard.

While 60 percent of respondents believe that Russia could influence results of presidential elections.

In mid-June, the international company of studying of public opinion Gallup International Association (GIA) conducted a similar survey, which showed the same results: 36 I approve of trump, 58 — disapprove. Before that in April The Washington Post and ABC already counted the stars out of the American leader after hundred days of his presidency. Then the numbers were distributed as follows: 38 56.

The U.S. presidential inauguration took place on 20 January.