Products, which are based solely on the basis of herbal ingredients, are unable to move on the market with such signs as "milk," "cream," butter", cheese or yogurt, it is noted in the court's decision. The above terms should be extended to products of animal origin in order to avoid misleading consumers. The exception is coconut milk, coconut oil, and salad dressings (salad cream, literally — cream/cream salad).

The court considered the case in which the German competition regulator had challenged the right of the company TofuTown advertising products like oil from tofu or rice cream. TofuTown representatives argued that such designations are made to European standards, as clearly indicate a vegetable origin.

Meanwhile, representatives of the vegan community believe that the court's decision due to the desire of meat and dairy industry and egg producers to restrict the marketing of vegan products. The demand for vegan products is growing in Europe, in great Britain there are more than half a million vegans.

"The court's decision reflects concerns about the introduction of misleading consumers, told AFP a representative of the organization, The Vegan Society Dominic Piasecka. — But, speaking realistically, what is the probability that someone mistakenly buys a pack of soy milk instead of regular?"