While Jogging in the Park, she finds the corpse of an unknown girl and immediately becomes a suspect. And not unreasonable — the evidence there is against her. But Gabi seems that she is watched, she next on the list of the criminal. She has to work things out for myself. What could connect Gaby with the victim and how to explain the evidence found? The killer seems to have built the perfect plan and he knows Gabi. Mysteries await the reader on every page — and break away from this chilling history is impossible until the very end.

Quote: "I focus on the breath. Inhale, exhale... Inhale, exhale... Go and think... And as soon as you return home immediately to shower. At seven o'clock will call Steve to drive me to the Studio. Kiss goodbye to Millie and her Breakfast feed Mar. (Well, she's so unsociable, that Martha?) I will find the house of Philip? Unlikely. Now — how many are there? five-fifteen? — he already shaves, takes a shower, washes himself with traces of "Nobu" and "Dorchester" (stumbled home at three in the morning, and I caught a distinct smell of cigars)