For a long time it seemed that the coach team Latvia Bob Hartley's going to agree to lead and Riga "Dinamo". However, fortunately (for Canadians) or grief (for Dynamo), did not happen.

"Hartley we have met several times. Last time during dinner, during the world Cup in Cologne. Told him our offer, suggestions and outlined his eyes. He took a couple days to think it over. And so it happened — two days later, he called back and said that, following consultations, decided not to accept our offer," — said Sawicki.

The head of the "Dynamo" does not hide that Hartley left a very strong impression not only as a coach but as a person. The management team really wanted to see him at the head of the team, but agreement could not be reached.

As for Ozolinsh, he joined the club last fall with the idea of becoming a head coach. For a start, he took the post of assistant of Normunds of SaaS, but now it's his turn.

"I was impressed with the idea that Sandis came with this thought — to become once a major. He is purposeful," says Sawicki. According to the boss "Dynamo", when choosing among equal candidates for the post of coach of "Dynamo" will prefer to entrust the team to a local specialist. It was the same with Artis Abelson, reminds Sawicki.

Riga "Dinamo" I am convinced that hasty conclusions on the work of the new coaching staff of the team in case of failure, the user will not. "We measure out seven times and only then cut off. Not like some clubs in the KHL, when after the first failures followed by the resignation of a coach. Not to brag, but maybe it's our Baltic, a Northern approach — without emotion all to weigh carefully, ponder, and only then make the final decision." The example of SaaS in the last season this could be seen.

As one of the possible reasons for the team's failure last season, Sawicki called the combination of Season two posts — the head coach and General Manager. Now SaaS is advisers Savickis. The President of "Dynamo" explains: "I don't want to lose his experience. Still, nine years in the NHL and has worked over this time, we went out five times in the playoffs".

Speaking about new tendencies in the KHL for which League is going to reduce teams, Savitsky says: "At eight main criteria we are in the middle of the table so won't the following (excluded Novokuznetsk "metallurg" — Ed.). In life so happens that with the time necessary to throw out bags of heavy stones to further the path became easier".

Budget Riga "Dinamo", according to Savickis, next season will remain at the level of 11.5-12 million euros. The funding source is the same — the main one for these years were associated with the Russian concern "Gazprom". In the past support was provided by the German company WinGas, and next year it will be Gazprom Export.

"I think it will provide us with approximately 90 percent of the budget. We are proud that such a big company supports us, — says Sawicki and immediately recognize. — To speak about other potential sponsors are difficult because they can immediately see how large amounts".

The upcoming season will be in the KHL 10th anniversary edition and Latvia in 2018 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence. Therefore, the management of Riga "Dynamo" hopes that the hockey team will try to get back on top and at least will be in the playoffs. The captain of the national team of Latvia Caspar Daugavins, however, in a recent interview with Delfi expressed on this occasion great doubts.

In the new season, General Manager of the Dynamo was returned to Riga Geert Ankipans (in the past he worked as an assistant of Peteris Skudra in Nizhny Novgorod "torpedo"). Together with the Ozolins Ankipans to decide the question of picking teams and, of course, to attract efficient foreign players, which in recent Latvian club very guessed.

"We never impose their opinion to the leadership team, says Sawicki. The Council listens to the General Manager, coach, give advice, recommendations. But never to impose opinions. And if they're listening to these tips, is another matter".

Sawicki admits that he didn't want to name any names Latvian players that he would like to see in your team. "I will say then that to pull Savickis got to the club. I'd like to see the atmosphere that brought Hartley to the team — good aggression, thirst of struggle until the last second. It's always like the audience, this will be the main task for the coaching staff. The more that the national team had 19 players, "Dinamo", one way or another, associated with the Dynamo. Hope Ozolins sufficiently motivated coach. In order to achieve certain goals in games against the best teams in the KHL needed a lot of motivation. But against the super clubs League, we do only one weapon — motivation".

Revealed Sawicki and this idea — on the eve of the world Cup-2021, which will be held by Latvia together with Belarus, to do Riga "Dinamo" completely base club of a national team. For this club by the time I want to gather under his banner the greatest possible number of Latvian players, who plays abroad. Well, and invite finally, in "Dynamo" and national team coach. In General, it should ideally be one person.

Well, considering the club about the building of their arena. Some time ago this question was deferred, but in connection with the future world Cup in 2021, he again becomes relevant.

Sawicki and hopes to return to the audience. The head of "Dynamo" sees a direct link between attendance and results of the team. With the improvement of the game and the points will come back and the spectator, said the head of the Latvian club of the KHL.