Sebastian Fitzek was born in 1971 in Berlin. He studied law until the first state exam. After that he worked as chefredaktion and program Director at various radio stations in Germany. Since 2006, Sebastian Fitzek writes psychological thrillers that become bestsellers in Europe. His first book "Therapy" was released in 2006-m year published "Droemer Knaur Verlag" and immediately won the hearts of fans of the action genre.

Thus, the main hero of the new book, Max is Kind - a writer-a loser, but it is a law-abiding citizen, can not be said about his brother Cosmo, who is serving preventive detention in a psychiatric hospital. Max never in his life did not break the law, but after a few days, he had to make one of the most terrible crimes that man is capable of. However, today he has no idea about it, unlike those who want to eliminate it, before it's too late.

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