Although almost every year the rain comes in one of the regions of Latvia, the probability of precipitation in specific areas ranges from 22% to 49%, according to the generalized Latvian centre of environment, Geology and meteorology data. Least likely to rain in Midsummer night is in Bauska and the surrounding area of Kraslava, and most of all in the district of Talsi.

In Midsummer (Ligo) raining even more than in the Midsummer night. Probability of precipitation during the day on 24 June in Latvia ranges from 27% to 53% and the national average 40%.

Least likely on Midsummer's raining in Liepaja, Ventspils and other places in the Western coast of Kurzeme, and also on the Northern coast of Kurzeme. Most often — almost every other year — it rains in Riga, in the districts of Aizkraukle and cēsis, as well as in the Vidzeme uplands.

Over the last 50 years in the Midsummer night, on the territory of Latvia it was not raining 10 times, the last time it happened last year. The rainy Midsummer night was in 1997, when it dropped to 11.7 millimeters of precipitation. Over the past five years have been very rainy Midsummer night in 2015 (6.9 millimeters), and in skrīveri then fell to 19.5 mm of rainfall.

The average temperature at Midsummer is between 14 and 16 degrees. The warm Midsummer day was last year, when the average air temperature in Latvia reached 22 degrees, and the coldest in 1977, when the average temperature in the region amounted to only 9.6 degrees.