Debris at the site where the fire started, kept, OOO Prima M, although he didn't have any permissions. Gas start against enterprises administrative proceedings and demanded until July 24 to clear the area of debris. Firm this administrative act challenged, but the court left the decision of GSoC in force.

According to GSO, the garbage in this area began to appear in October last year. According to Kolesovoy, it was a place where "people dumped the waste without any permission, without any evaluation". Now, GSoC will take a decision on sanctions against the company, and will also consider the need of law enforcement bodies with the request to initiate criminal proceedings.

According to "", LTD "Prima M" was registered in 2011 on the street Daugavgrivas, Riga, and the scope of its activities is the wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices. Until may of this year, the only member of the firm was Maria Sokolova born 1974., now the share of the enterprise also belong to OOO "SO Trust," which in turn belongs to the spouse Sokolova — Oleg Sokolov 1979 born. OOO "SO Trust" is engaged in loading and unloading operations.

On the question of damages to the environment as a result of fire, Kolegova replied that the air quality after burning debris worsened in the air a lot of dust. Overall, however, weather conditions during the fire were favorable from the point of view of minimizing the damage, because the smoke rose up, where the wind quickly scattered.

Today, GSoC will consider the possibility to take samples of the air in Jurmala, to objectively assess the quality after the fire.

As reported, the call to the scene, firefighters received yesterday at about 15.50 from witnesses who noticed at the Ventspils highway, a huge column of black smoke. The total area of fire plastic waste made up 12 000 square meters. It burned and hangar area of 10 square meters. To help the firefighters there were two fire trains, tankers State forest service and a helicopter of the National armed forces.

After more than 12 hours of firefighting today, 5.17 employees of the State firefighting and rescue services managed to localize the fire, but its suppression is still ongoing.