In France July 14 marked Bastille Day. In honor of the annual national holiday, and century the United States entered the First world war in Paris was a parade with the participation of French and American soldiers. The solemn procession was watched by the head of the Republic Emmanuel macron, and the President of the United States Donald trump.

The parade was also held demonstration flights of fighter jets of both countries, reports Reuters. The ceremony is designed to demonstrate modern military cooperation, including in the middle East. Trump arrived at the parade in a military jeep and surrounded by cavalry, the Agency said.

And before On and Brigitte macron showed the nursing Home. Goodbye trump said that "he had a good time," and made a hand gesture towards me, as if he repeated the form of her waist. "You know you're in such good shape. Fine by me," trump added.

The scene was broadcast live on the visit of the French President in Facebook. Expression Brigitte macron capture failed, as she stood with her back to the camera, but viewers could see that "after the statements of the trump she grabbed his hand Melania trump and took a small step back," according to Inopressa with reference to the German edition Focus.

Such comments, the newspaper notes, is inappropriate for politicians abroad on an official visit, and many social media users expressed their outrage. Apparently, trump "could not resist the comment about the figure of Brigitte because of her age — 64-year-old Makron is 24 years older than the wife. Meanwhile, the couple of the Trumps is the same age difference," adds Focus.

In social networks feminists have criticized trump for his words. For example, writer and fighter for the rights of LGBT Alex Berg on Twitter wrote that to let go of comments about the figures — over the limit.