Previously owned a Russian and an apartment in līvāni, but he sold it, said the transmission.

Konstantin Karakovsky — the head of a small government and the leader of "Night wolves" in the town of Istra in Moscow region. "Novaya Gazeta" at the time, published the secret list of award recipients, "Fighters for the independence of the Crimea", in which among boxers, football fans, bikers and people with a criminal past is mentioned and Karakovsky.

The Director of the center for strategic communication NATO Janis was Sarts notes that "biker club "Night wolves" in the period of the annexation of the Crimea was one of the most active means of propaganda and influence".

"These people were one of the first who declared that the Crimea it is necessary to connect (to Russia)... basically, they (the Night wolves) played a Central public role in the occupation of Crimea and its annexation to Russia", — said the transfer of the carts.

Since mid-2014 against the leader of "Night wolves" Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon), a number of Western countries imposed sanctions. Year ago to Russia from Latvia was sent by the leader of the local branch of the Night wolves, a Russian citizen, Igor Lakatos.

According to neighbors Karachevskogo, together with his wife he regularly visits Daugavpils. In this case, none of the respondents transmission people couldn't answer what kind of documents issued to him, Latvia to enter and stay in the country.

Former President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers expressed surprise why the people associated with the authorities in the Kremlin, bought a low-value property somewhere in Latgale.

"This is a difficult question. One day they will be a factor for some provocations, about which we know nothing. They may be very close to the system that implements the country's spies. Those 20 years of not bothering, and then suddenly in one moment everything start to work in favor of one state," — said Zatlers.