Head of the Department of special investigation Sergey Gorbatyuk reported in the channel "112 Ukraine", what Kusyuk suspected prosecutors in seven criminal proceedings. "In relation to a former regiment commander of the Kiev "Berkut" there are a number of criminal proceedings. If taken as a whole, it is reported about suspicion in seven criminal proceedings," — said Gorbatyuk.

He said that the first episode refers to the 2010 "the detention and use of violence during the events of the exhibition "Volyn massacre". In addition, the crimes on the Maidan, the organization of the beating and detention "automaidan protesters", said Gorbatyuk.

Kusyuk in the night from 29 to 30 November 2013 directed the dispersal of participants of Euromaidan and repeatedly commanded in a forceful dispersal of peaceful rallies in Kiev. In the summer of 2015, the General Prosecutor's office of Ukraine declared him wanted on suspicion of obstructing the rally and the abuse of power.

In 2016, the state office of public Prosecutor has established that the commander of "Berkut" and former Deputy head of GU MVD of Ukraine in Kiev on 8 April 2010 during the exhibition "the Volyn massacre: Polish and Jewish victims of OUN-UPA", "provoked the conflict, and wrongly used force for this event, detaining 14 people, among whom were the Hero of Ukraine of old age, and causing them bodily harm" (quoted by UNIAN), and also beat the journalist of one of the channels.

Russia has not yet provided any information about Kousuke, although, as noted by "Ukrainski Novyny", for most ex-"berkutovets" were previously rejected and information on the granting of Russian citizenship.

The head of the Kiev division "Berkut" Kusyuk to disperse Euromaidan in Kiev, after the change of power in Ukraine fled to the Crimea. The Prosecutor's office of Ukraine responded to his appearance at the Moscow meeting in the form of Riot police on June 12. During a rally in Moscow Kusyuk was near the framework of metal detectors on Tverskaya street, through which law enforcement officers passed people for verification.