"He died peacefully in her sleep after a short but decisive battle with lung cancer, leaving behind a loving family, many friends and cinematographic heritage, who managed to pass the test of time and which will continue to exist" - leads AFP words of the Manager of Director Chris Ro.

Ro also said that Romero died surrounded by loved ones under the sound of the soundtrack to the romantic Comedy by John Ford "the Quiet man", which was one of my favorite movies of the Director.

The film "night of the living dead" which made a revolution in the genre of horror movies, was filmed in 1968. Romero acted as a co-writer and producer. After the release of the film has been criticized for the large amount of violence, and a film company initially refused his car, but after some time, the film was recognized as classics of the genre and spawned dozens of sequels and remakes.

Because of the limited budget-about 114 thousand dollars - the picture was shot on black-and-white camera and transferred to the color only in 2005. As blood it is filmed with chocolate syrup, and the actors wore clothes from second-hand.

Romero himself admitted that the creation of the film was inspired by a novel by Richard Matheson "I am legend".