The project "Three Osokin" became very popular not only in Latvia, but also abroad. For another year after the first joint concert of Latvian pianists interested in the German Internet TV Klassik.TV broadcast by Sakinah joint performance at the Latvian National Opera, and the film of the Latvian TV "Osokiny. The energy of the music of 30 fingers" was presented at the Berlin documentary film Forum.

Soon will be released the first joint album by three Sakinah, and there will also be a tour of the Baltic States and Poland. At a press conference older brother Andrew so introduced a program of 30 July: "every concert needs to be some inner deeply thought-out concept and drama. On the concept of the program the three of us did a lot of thinking. This year, the huge range of authors, from Vivaldi via Mozart and Chopin to Rachmaninoff and Ravel".

"In General, the repertoire for three pianos is not so rich, mostly shifted or even "neveralone" works, so at our concert all the pieces of music will be performed differently than their existing versions, we will experiment in rehearsals right until the day of the concert, which will create additional interest for the potential listener and of course to the performers themselves because the finished artistic result can come quite late," says George.

At the concert "Three Osokin in Jurmala" the lovers of classical music will be able to hear Mozart's piano Concerto by Sergey Osokin. "The concert will feature part 1 of the 11th of Mozart's piano Concerto in f major. Mozart wrote this Concerto soon after permanently moved from Salzburg to Vienna. At this time begins his affair with Constance Weber ended the marriage. Maybe that's why the music of the Concerto is full of vitality, joy, love, and playful games" - says Professor Osokin.

After the first concert Sakinah career Three brothers Andrew and George have developed rapidly. One of the most significant events was the double debut at the legendary Berlin Konzerthaus, where in one evening, Andrey has performed Rachmaninoff's Second Concerto, and George - the Third Concerto by Rachmaninoff. But the Chopin repertoire George has long played a special role: "Like all the works of Chopin, but the f minor Concerto takes a special place and well that is executed is the version for piano with strings, not a Symphony orchestra, I like this version much more."

Sergey adds: "At the beginning and the end of the concert will feature the wonderful music of Antonio Vivaldi is a kind of tribute to the genius of the great Italian composer." Listeners also expect the famous "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel arranged for three pianos is a unique work in which the composer achieves tremendous effect and transformation, while intentionally using a minimum of expressive means.

In the past two years, Andrew and George not only acted in the best halls of the world such as Berlin Philharmonic hall, the hall of La Verdi in Milan, the Metropolitan Theatre Hall in Tokyo, National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw, Berlin Konzerthaus, hall of the Opera in Qatar, but has released several solo albums, which were very warmly received by critics in Latvia and abroad. Last year Professor Sergey Osokin, winner of the Big Musical prize, was also a Knight of the order of the Three Stars.

Concert "Three Osokin in Jurmala" organized by the concert Agency "Aira Livina Artists and Macroconcert".