The inhabitant of the Amur region was shot on video and released on Youtube in a renovated section of the Federal highway that suddenly ends in a stalemate. The necessary warning signs near the site are not installed. At some point the track simply ends and it is a lush forest.

According to amurchanian on this site was not one accident, including those involving trucks. Is "land of death" near the village of Solov'evsk in Tyndinsky district, reports "Amur news service".

The presence of a strange section of the route, commented on the Federal government institution (fku) UPRDOR "Lena", dedicated to the maintenance of the track. "This area is a dead end, made a stepping stone for the future straightening of in this place," explained PKU. Part of the route A-360 "Lena" (4-38 km) commissioned in 2016. The road surface improved, it is fully equipped.

"Lena" said that before entering an impasse is an information sign indicating the direction of traffic on the main road. PKU also promised to install additional signs and water-filled blocks.

It should be noted that in Riga there is a "bridge to nowhere". It can be seen in Riga on street Daugavgrivas, near the former factory "Agasalima". In the beginning of "zero" all the buildings and hangars of the former "Agasalima" was demolished and in its place was supposed to build a shopping center. Later the project was frozen, but the builders have managed to build part of a bridge over the street to Daugavgrivas street (turn onto the bridge is closed) towards the now vacant territory.