Valery Meladze, also called the "first voice of Russia" and "the last romantic" is one of those performers whose popularity over the years only grows. The author of the words and music of songs performed by Valery Meladze, his brother Constantine.

The creative tandem of brothers, a gorgeous voice a rare tone of one's songwriting talent is another example of exquisite style and taste. Their unique creative Union known to many: the co-created songs have become unforgettable hits, which not only occupy high positions in the charts, but remain in the hearts of millions of fans.

At the concert in Jurmala sounds like a long time favorite that have become classics of the genre songs, and new songs. Each of them is a separate story, a separate story. Of these stories is clear and warm, touching and sad, poignant and dramatic – concert woven fabric.

Solo concert of Valery Meladze will take place on 25 July in Jurmala hall "Dzintari".