On a plot of 18 hundred parts by weight of the stones and monuments is already becoming crowded. There is a monument to those who fought in Afghanistan Lithuanians, in memory of the fallen for freedom of Lithuania, the innocent victims of the war and postwar years. Recently, the Abbot was consecrated a monument to saved Jews. Monuments is forged kęstutis, Lukstas, but the idea is the stones and finds himself Jankauskas.

"A lot of people left, mainly for better material conditions. Villages disappear, houses are falling apart, just build homes of immigrants — those who earn, and this brings earned. Don't have money to the roof of the block or window to change. Sad picture. This time, the transition period, but after the war it was hard. No production work, no purchasing power, that's all," — said DELFI 66-year-old Jankauskas.

According to him, the monument to the emigrant will be the last, since in the area. The monument will consist of columen stones that immigrants brought from different countries. The monument appears the following text: "no matter what the edge is not settled, respect the land, and love your".

The local Abbot Leonas, Yakimavichus proposed to place the arrows of the world to different continents. The gardening Association Nemunas former mechanic Jankauskas has been living for 11 years. During this time, a meadow with a pit turned into a Museum of stones. On a trip here come teachers with children, pensioners and immigrants. Jankauskas said that immigrants often bring children who do not speak Lithuanian.

According to the interlocutor, the parents want their children émigrés have returned, but they realize that they have nothing to do. In the estate of Jankauskas is a monument and lita. "I am very worried about lita, the Euro has brought us to poverty, you imagine what prices are now — before the product was worth lit, and now the same — 2 euros," — said the pensioner.

In the house of Jankauskas is a portrait of President Dalia Grybauskaite and a picture of him with the head of the country. He was invited to the presidential Palace, where the February 16, awarded the people who came up with the most interesting celebration of the state. Jankauskas received a gift from the President, the flag, and gave her an iron rose.

"I said the UK was the iron lady Margaret Thatcher as the iron lady of Lithuania, President Grybauskaite," — said the source. He kissed the President's hand, it was captured on photo.

The Museum of stones hanging on the memorial plaque indicating that here come the advocate kęstutis, Cilinskas, members. Special attention is paid to the MEP Rolandas Paksas, which planted oak.

"Here sat Ingate Baksyte, this all dried up and with it President Paksas. What will you do with it — not eating, but when I told her that the leg should be, thighs, and buttocks, Pacas and said to his daughter: "Here, listen to what Vaclovas says," — laughing, said Jankauskas, and said that he Aksaite tried fat.

The Jankauskas is the book visitors to the Museum, which he has done for 10 years. Each guest shall sign, and Jankauskas photographed it for memory. The municipality has made a Museum of stones in the list of local attractions.