A few dozen people on Friday afternoon briefly broke into the building of the municipality of Kensington and Chelsea, which is responsible for the burned building, with the requirement immediately to assist the victims of the fire. The crowd of protesters gathered also at the community center in which the Prime Minister Theresa may met with victims of the fire, demonstrations were also held at the Prime Minister's residence on Downing street.

Several hundred people also stopped in front of the main building bi-Bi-si in Central London with placards saying "Justice for Grenfell", held a minute of silence in memory of the dead, then moved on.

Theresa may ordered to provide 5 million pounds for the purchase of clothing, food and basic necessities for the victims. Currently, according to official data, the fire killed at least 30 people, however this is not the final figure and, most likely, as they say representatives of the authorities will grow, since a total of about 70 people unaccounted for. According to police, there are no indications that the fire was the result of deliberate arson.

The protests began outside the local municipality about 15:00 local time, and gradually, the participants began to join more and more people. By 16:30 the people began to climb the steps of a building with intent to penetrate. According to one of the protesters, "no one can understand what is happening, people are angry, as you can leave them to sleep on the street".

One of the organizers, Mustafa al-Mansur, read the address of the municipal workers in which they promised to settle in the same district as many people as they can, and provide victims financial assistance.

Al-Mansur called the promise "pathetic" and "not giving any concrete answers" to key questions, especially the question about how many people lived in those flats. "People these excuses are not satisfied, — he declared in interview Bi-bi-si. — So they began to grumble and moved to the building of the municipality. They didn't rush into the building, they entered through the main entrance and just talked in the lobby".

Then the police arrived and established a barrier that, according to Mansour, has led to a "physical confrontation" between the two sides. Tumultuous scenes have also been observed in the Centre of Clement, James in North Kensington, where he was meeting the Prime Minister to residents, "Grenfell tower".

According to the journalists, one of the women cried due to the fact that Theresa may refused to talk to the audience at the centre of people. Dozens of protesters rushed to the entrance of the center, where, despite the calls of the organizers for calm, clashes.

In the crowd were heard shouting "justice for Grenfell" and anti-government slogans "may resign" and "your hands in blood." The marchers also marched through the streets of Whitehall, where the main government buildings, but the Prime Minister's residence on Downing street they were stopped by a cordon of police.

Theresa may is criticised for the fact that unlike the leader of labour's Jeremy Corbyn and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, she did not meet the victims immediately after the fire. In response to the question as it relates to the reaction of the people, the Prime Minister chose to defend his government. "Now my main priority is providing support on the ground," she said.

The Fund of assistance to residents "Grenfell tower" in the amount of 5 million pounds established by Theresa may, aims to three weeks to resettle the residents of the burned apartments as close as possible to their former place of residence. These funds will be paid for their temporary accommodation and basic necessities.

During the meeting with the residents of Grenfell tower, the Prime Minister also promised that they would consult about declared Thursday a public investigation of the fire and that they will receive funds from the budget for lawyers who will represent their interests in court. "All the victims of this tragedy can be sure that in this difficult time, the government is on their side, and I guarantee it," said Theresa may.

In turn, the company Rydon to perform the work at a cost of 8.6 million pounds for the reconstruction of high-rise buildings, also welcomed the holding of a public inquiry, but stressed that comply with all building and fire requirements. The main reason for the rapid spread of the flames at the multistoried building called the refractory lining materials.