Street-Cu. The Cabinet will be carried out in stages, starting with footage from street to street Sirny UPES. In turn, the work on the street Sirny will be conducted at the site from the CD. Valdemara street Hospitalu.

As previously reported, work on updating of the road surface on Monday will also begin on Dzirnavu street, in the precinct from Gogol street to the streets of the Marias.

Construction work is already underway on Elizabetes street on a site from street of Exports to Pulkveza Brieza street from Valdemara street to brīvības Boulevard, brīvības bulv to the street Satekles. On Stabu street - in the area from Valmieras street to Avotu iela and Brivibas street to street Terbatas. Also due to the construction of a heating main movement is limited on street Brivibas in the area from the intersection of the street Bruninieku to the intersection of the street Pernavas.

During construction works it is planned to replace the road surface not only on the roadway, but also on the sidewalks. Pedestrians should be aware that areas where work is underway, will be closed. Builders requested to ensure that the movement of pedestrians on carriageway.

In turn, drivers must reckon with serious traffic congestion and additional travel time.