The five year old lioness with a cub were taken by the photographer Joop van der Linde (Joop Van Der Linde). The predator, nicknamed Nesecito also looks after three of its own cubs, which were born on June 27-28.

According to Dr. Luke hunter (Luke Hunter), who works with organizations to protect the rights of wild cats Panthera and Lion Kope, this case is unique. He claims that a lioness belongs to the leopard, as his own cub.

Where a mother leopard, is still unknown. According to experts, for the predator to return to their species.

In August 2016, it was reported that the shelter for wild animals "Noah's ark" in the U.S. state of Georgia died from a lion who became famous thanks to social networks and the media "Trinity friends BLT" ("black, lion, tiger"). African lion Leo was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver, resulting in the beast, it was decided to euthanize.