Seven players of the volleyball national team of Latvia (novel Saush, Herman Alaskans, Denis Petrov, Reinis Pacmans, Alexander Kudryashov, Ruslan Sorokin, Edward Buivids) as a result wrote an open letter. Athletes wonder: "it is Unclear how in the XXI century it is possible to work such methods is a continuous reference to the convening of the committees or the development of new rules and the complete lack of a system (criteria) for evaluating the performance of coach".

Head coach of Latvia Raymond Wilde at the meeting of the Board of the Federation were absent. According to the head of LVF, there was no need to, since Wilde contract with the Federation ended.

It is worth noting that Wilde led the national team for over 10 years and never, the team did not qualify in the final tournament of the European championship, while Northern neighbours — Estonians — went there three times already.

"Part of the blame can be laid, and we, as players, we as coaches, support staff, managers were on the same team for this tournament. But why lie about the work done?", — ask the volleyball players.

"If all are satisfied in 10 years? And why isn't there a report for all this time on the work of Wilde. Or is the person who convinces the Board to deal with the situation? About the LVF is the fact that Raymond Wilde heads the Coaching Commission and, thus, evaluates their work. This year was not held even a single meeting of this Commission" — I say unhappy state of Affairs players in the national team.

And they say about the need for radical changes in the team and that under the leadership of Raymond Wilde they are not prepared to act in the future. Wilde is accused that he is always short of experience in crucial moments of the tournament, so follow the gaps in the team.

Nothing changes in organizational work. In the example given the fact that at the tournament in Ljubljana this year the team got a flight that took 14 hours across Europe. And the next day the team had an important match against Israel. There is no clarity with the second assistant coach and doctor decided to reduce the trim command for two people. All teams in the tournament was declared on 14 players, Latvia— 12.

Volleyball players say that abroad there are many coaches who are interested to coach the national team of Latvia. And the question of money is the priority there is not worth it. Players not surprised that this approach and style of work of the Federation this money is never there, but heard only the complaints of the management of insufficient funding from the state.

In 2017, the budget Mont LVF to the needs of the men's national team needs to 62 thousand Euro. And again, the Board of the Federation are unable to explain to the players why the money went to the national team's participation in the Universiade, despite the fact that the majority of national team players refused to play there if the coach will remain Wilde. And with the head coach of the national team on-former is not clear.