July 8 marked the two-year presidency Vejonis.

Vejonis returned to Parliament, in particular, the amendments to the law on financial instruments market, as, from his point of view, they have not been evaluated and eliminated all the risks. "The changes may disproportionately restrict the rights of shareholders of the majority and the right to entrepreneurship", - said the President.

Also for reconsideration was sent amendments to the law on credit institutions, amendments to the law on circulation of alcoholic beverages, amendments to the law on the tax on microenterprises, immigration law, Maritime code, law on electronic media, the law on land privatization in rural regions and the law on organization of public administration.

In addition, the President for two years, was submitted to the Parliament five legislative initiatives, such as streamlining the school network, to expand the powers of the Council of justice, on national security. Berzins during the years of the presidency was submitted to the Sejm 13 of legislative proposals.