The man rode the Bicycle on the ramp and fell about three metres high. With heavy herbs of the spine and head he was taken to hospital.

A 33-year-old man fell into the river from tree with a height of approximately five meters. The victim received injuries to the head, chest and spine.

In Vidzeme 55-year-old man fell from a height of three meters, when the window of the house were tied a vine branch. The man was taken to hospital with a spinal injury and possible fracture of the ribs.

Also in Vidzeme suffered 50-the summer man who during his work fell from the trailer of the car and injured his head.

And in Latgale 60-year-old man was found unconscious near a flight of concrete stairs. According to doctors, the man fell down the stairs. The victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition with a head injury.

In General for the last day, June 16, doctors have received 1271 call, of which 250 are associated with injuries and accidents.