De Grasse could be on a par with the best sprinters in history to run the 100 meters and update the national record, if not for the strength of the wind at the time of the race, which was 4.8 m/s and significantly exceeded permissible to fix the records (2.0 m/s). So a personal record canadian time of 9.91, which he showed last year.

Recall that the world record in run on 100 m belongs to Jamaican Usain Bolt (9,58).

Gradually out of the shadows and leading Russian athletes who were banned from international competitions for a year and a half. High jumper height Maria Laecken (Kuchina) won for the sixth win in a row in international competitions, but in Stockholm, it showed the result of exactly 2 meters. Tried world champion of 2015 and the storm a personal record, but the height of 2.06 m in her this time not obeyed.

The famous runner Sergey Shubenkov was second in a distance of 110 m hurdles with a time 13,10. The winner will be a Spaniard Orlando Ortega is the current world champion in this discipline yielded only one hundredth.