"Spartak" for the first time has won the Supercup of Russia. Previously, the team of three competed for the trophy, but in all cases lost to CSKA (2004, 2006, 2007).

The head coach of the red-and-white Italian Massimo Carrera won the second trophy with the Moscow club. In may of this year 53-year-old has led Spartak to victory in Russian championship — the first in 16 years. Carrera has headed "Spartak" in August last year after the resignation of Dmitry Alenicheva.

The Supercup Of Russia

Spartak — Lokomotiv 2:1 extra BP. (0:0, 0:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Goals: Luiz Adriano 101, Promes 113 — Fernandes 116.

Spartacus: Episodes Djikia, Eschenko, Bocchetti, Kombarov, Fernando, Glushakov, Popov (Ananidze, 71), Promes, Luiz Adriano, Ze Luis (Melgarejo, 90).

Locomotive: Guilherme, Ignatiev, Pejčinović, Kverkvelia, Fernandes, Tarasov (Miranchuk, 103), Denisov (Kolomeytsev, 111), Barinov, Farfan, Miranchuk, Ari.