Stronger just from the disaster suffered location Nyugatnak in Northwest Greenland, home to 84 people. The earthquake occurred 30 km from Nepatika.

According to police, 78 villagers were evacuated. People write in social networks that are forced to go to the mountains and wait for help there.

After the double natural disaster, the whereabouts of 23 people. According to police, went missing four people. In addition, the waves washed into the ocean and 11 houses, located in Nougatine.

Because of the waves caused by a natural disaster, affected settlements in the West Greenland — Nyugatnak, Illisit and Uummannaq. Last is the Arctic circle about 600 miles off the coast of Greenland, where was the epicenter of the earthquake. Meteorologists warned of possible aftershocks.

Tsunami and high waves are not uncommon for Greenland, but in most cases they are not caused by the earthquake, and the breaking off of chunks of ice at the movement of glaciers.