This was the seventh official Mini-Euro, which is held under the auspices of the European mini football Federation (EMF). Matches are held on smaller field sizes (gate is also smaller), format 6x6, no offsides. Otherwise, the rules are no different from football.

The speakers in the championship team of Latvia has completed the tournament after the group stage, after suffering defeat in all three matches. First, the Latvian fans gave the team a Israel (0:4), and then suffered a major defeat from owners of tournament (0:6). Only in the end of the last game of the Latvian players managed to score the first goal of the tournament, however, this did not save them from losing to Hungarians (1:2).

In the final meeting of national teams of Czech Republic and Russia. The main time of the match the winner is not revealed (1:1), and in the penalty shoot-out proved to be luckier, Russians (3:2). Video of the finals and matches involving the national team of Latvia can be viewed below.

Latvia — Israel 0:4

Latvia — Czech Republic 0:6

Hungary — Latvia 2:1

Russia — Czech Republic 2:1-pen.