Writes Deutsche Welle, Bishop noted that in the present study all legal mechanisms, and urged Russia to respect the Security Council resolution 2166 of the UN, was developed by Australia. "This document calls on all States to ensure that those responsible for the death of people were brought to justice. It is not excluded that will be required in absentia trial," - said the Minister.

According to the international investigation team, the plane Malaysian airlines, EN route flight MH17, was shot down over Eastern Ukraine by Russian-made missile fired from the territory of one of the villages controlled by Pro-Russian separatists. The investigation also believes that the missile was delivered to Ukraine from Russia.

Russia denies any involvement in the destruction of MH17. She objected to the international court of justice in the case. In June, the Netherlands announced that it would listen to the Dutch court according to Netherlands law. It is unclear to what degree Russia will cooperate with the Dutch court, when prosecutors will announce the names of the Russian suspects and will request from Moscow.4.*