About his sad experience she described in the program "New Russian sensations". According to the artist, the man who first became her personal driver, very well knows how to present themselves. He convinced the ballerina rich, so suck up to such an extent that he was aware of all her Affairs. "He was just living here as a host. The man rubbed really trust this way, and it could not strain. He was aware of everything was, it is true. Such people need to be afraid," — said the ballerina.

As journalists found out, the man's name is Alexander Skirtach, he is a native of the Rostov region. While Volochkova he was recommended to her friends.

The first alarm sounded mom Volochkova, but a woman rejected all the arguments. In the end, they quarreled and the mother went from the suburban mansion in St. Petersburg.

After some time it became clear that Sasha, as it was called ballerina, has a wife and four children. Then Anastasia began to disappear money. As told to the actress, she often asked him to take the received money into the Bank to put money into the account, however all the requests to show documents about introduction means the driver bustled and found different excuses. Volochkova accuses him that he had secretly added her to drink a dangerous drugs. "I learned about it from a taxi driver who worked for Alexander. Now the Prosecutor's office", – said the ballerina. The driver also stole from the office artist of a laptop with confidential correspondence and personal photographs that fears Volochkova, can be an occasion for blackmail.