As reported by the local media and users of social networks, the explosion occurred on the second floor near the women's toilet. The mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa soon wrote on Twitter that as a result of "terrorist attacks" killed one woman and another 11 people wounded. Later the number of victims has increased to three.

The mayor told reporters that one of the victims, 23-year-old Frenchwoman. She worked in Colombia as a volunteer. Two women died in hospital, the correspondent bi-Bi-si in Colombia. One of them was 27, other 31, said the police and fire Department. "This cowardly terrorist attack in Central Andino is very disturbing," said Penalosa, without providing any further details.

The explosion occurred in one of the busiest shopping centres in the tourist area of the capital, when there were a lot of visitors. They bought gifts for day father's Day is a national holiday celebrated on Sunday.

President Juan Manuel Santos condemned the attack and instructed the head of the national police to monitor the investigation. He visited a shopping centre and told reporters that he did not want to speculate on who might be behind this "vile, violent, cowardly act." No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion.

The national liberation army — the second largest armed rebel group, conceding the primacy of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) condemned the attack. In her statement on Twitter said that it "shares the pain" and sympathize with the victims of the attack. The rebels also said that the organizers of the explosion are trying to jeopardize peace talks with the government.

In the last decade in bogotá, there was a significant improvement in the security situation after the government went for dialogue with the rebels, who for half a century waged a guerrilla war in Colombia.

In November last year, the Colombian government and the rebels of the leftist group FARC have signed in Havana a new peace agreement. The previous agreement was not entered into force because the citizens voted against its adoption in the referendum.