Pub on the A6, built in the 1860-ies, in those days was called The Red Dragon (Red Dragon). Its modern name The Crescent (Crescent), he is more than a quarter century was included in the Good Beer Guide — an annual guide to the best pubs and clubs of the Kingdom, which sells ale.

Now in the window the sign: "Closed until further notice". The fate of the institution in question, especially as the bar is located near another historic pub which was recently demolished. On the website of the pub and on Twitter there is no information about it, and with the owners of the publishing could not be reached. The page in Facebook was last updated on July 12.

In 2010 a bar that was privately owned, was for sale for 690 000 pounds, was advertised as a promising place and was eventually sold in 2016 Chinese investors for half the amount of 325 000 pounds sterling.

Engels in "the condition of the working class in England" on the Salford wrote that it represents "unhealthy, dirty and neglected area" which in terms of cleanliness is inferior to Manchester: "If the Manchester police at least occasionally — once per 6-10 years — appears in the working areas, seal the worst of the home, makes clean the dirty parts of these Augean stables, in Salford she apparently never does".

Karl Marx is buried in London at Highgate cemetery, his tomb is attended by representatives of leftist movements from around the world. The entrance to the monument will be charged.