A letter with such content was sent and in the Lithuanian companies, diplomatic missions, and the Internet on English and Russian languages several days to disseminate information on similar topics.

According to the report Romuald P., details of the incident are yet unclear, but the police Commissariat of the Klaipeda district has already begun pre-judicial investigation.

"It is known that the layout of the bombs fell on a residential house. The result was a damaged gas supply system, the house caught fire. The remains have not yet been reported. In the opinion of the experts, the most likely cause was pilot error, a short circuit or damage of the bomb drop mechanism", — stated in the letter.

According to the representative of the Lithuanian army of Andrews Dildy, emails with such obvious false news was sent to the Ministry of defence of Lithuania, diplomatic missions of foreign countries, including the United States. The fact that the incident is fictional, and in the police Commissariat of the Klaipeda district not initiated pre-trial investigation, did not prevent the website LDiena.lt to disseminate information that the news about the incident with the bomber of USA in Lithuania allegedly confirmed the Pentagon.

Relying on questionable sources — Russian-language portal in Latvia, LDiena.lt posted information of the user of The WorldNews Network and vieno reddit.com that often spread unverified news, allegedly a copy of the message of the Department of defense from June 14. The message allegedly written by a representative of the Department of defense Lisa Ferdinando.

In the message on an obscure English claimed that during the scheduled flight of B-52 bomber over Lithuania were accidentally reset the layout of the nuclear B-61 bomb. The layout supposedly fell to a two-storey building in klaipėda district, in the result of the attack were damaged pipeline that caused the fire.

In various sources, where spreading false information about the incident, especially actively manifest themselves registered just a few days ago, users johnkeller68, travis turner and Romualdas P.

The person posing these nicknames, also appeared, apparently from nowhere. Information about this person with the same name can be found in only one case of stealing in Lithuania car 15 years ago. However, Romualdas P. has published this video, which recorded the burning night, somewhere in Lithuania home.

Commenting on the fire several persons swear and argue that the cause of the fire could be a gas cylinder, and one person offers a version that flew near the plane.

According to A. Dildy, this is an old recording made at one of the fires in Kaunas a few years ago. You can also look at the report of the Pentagon from June 14 to make sure that there is not a word about the alleged the incident.

Skank, Busty get fucked confirmed that the content of this letter is misinformation. "One of the probable purposes of disinformation is to prevent the functioning of state institutions, and by the distributors to test the platform and scheme to spread their messages. It is also likely that after the launch about news checked the reaction of the state institutions", — says the captain skank, Busty get fucked.

Interestingly, the message about the "incident" was not published in a normal day, and on June 14, the Day of mourning and hope in Lithuania think about the links 1941-1953. in addition, on 14 June, the Pentagon Ferdinando actually published an article that illustrated a photograph of a B-52 bomber. Only the article itself was not about the incident with the B-52 bomber, and that the defeat of the "Islamic state" in Mosul is inevitable.

The fact that this news is false, indicates that the B-52 bombers do not carry nuclear bombs for several decades. In the false information cleverly reminded about the real incidents that happened in the past, when the B-52 really "lost" a nuclear bomb in Greenland, North Carolina and the Atlantic ocean. Strategic bombers B-52 nowadays carry only cruise missiles that can be launched from a great distance.

Moreover, the mentioned B-61 bombs, these planes are not used since 2010. Bombs B-61 tactical nuclear weapons carries tactical aviation, for example, the F-16.