How the MP said Дзинтар Абикис ("Unity"), in Latvia there was a "very serious situation". He is sure that a large number of Russian channels can change the outcome of the election. "We cannot sit and watch from the outside," he said. Абикис believes that the solution is to attract experts of Bureau to protect the Constitution and other security services.

colleague agreed and Daina Kazak (PR). In her opinion, should minimize the influence of Russian television in Latvia. MP offers to give the customers of Lattelecom, the ability to create your own set of channels, in which Russian products. The policy seems that many Latvian audience does not want to watch Russian channels.

Chairman of the fee Inara Мурниеце (VL-TB/LNNK) said that the problem really exists. However, she expressed great caution, saying that first we have to listen to the opinion of the National Council for electronic media.

In session attended and a member of the Board of the Center for policy studies in Eastern Europe Andis Кудорс. According to him, the Russian television is not only a business project, but also part of Moscow's foreign policy. Prohibit the broadcasting impossible, but we should not support "раскалывающее the influence of the" Russian channels, he said.