How the representative of the RUS Edijs Шауерс, the preparation contains natural glycopeptides and can be used to speed up the rehabilitation of patients and strengthening the immune system after oncological and virus diseases. Drug developed by scientists of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology RUS Yevgeny Yermolayev, Lily Peshkova, Guntis vītols and Simon Дониня.

Food additive contains glycopeptides, allocated from the lactic acid bacteria, which is combined with glucans, obtained from chanterelles, bread yeast and mushrooms shiitake mushroom, known for its anti-cancer effect. The product is also a powder of Jerusalem artichoke, contains inulin, which allows to use for people with diabetes.

Clinical trials were held in the Latvian Oncology center and the Center of clinical immunology hospital rīga stradiņš University. Studies have shown that patients who received food additive, faster increased the number of immune cells and their functional activity.

Group Latvian scientists plans to continue research to improve the preparation, due to new natural ingredients that help to fight cancer.