In recently in the Russian language came several interesting books dedicated to the actual for modern society to the problem of extroverts/introvert ("Introverts. How to use the features of his character" Susan Kane, "the Benefits of introvert" Marty Laney, "the Career for introverts" Nancy Энковиц).

In continuing the theme of the present book of j. Канвайлер Leader-an introvert. How to succeed in a society dominated extroverts". Rooted in people's minds the image of the leader has pronounced extroverted features. However, there are many introverts who want to or are forced to act in the role. Often their attempts to behave as extroverts, reinvent his nature in favor of someone else's expectations turn out to great nervous tension, emotional discomfort and, as a consequence, depression. Career is also not benefit. Do introvert who is not willing to "break" a priori cannot be a highly effective leader? Of course, you can!

Contained in the book of universal четырехшаговая sequence of actions will help интровертам deal with most situations that require unusual openness and sociability, learn to derive maximum benefit from the strong features of his character and build relationships with people from the positions of the self-confident person.

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