the Judge Ligita Кузмане that dealt with the case on appeal, reversed the part of the sentence of the court of first instance, discontinuing the criminal proceedings. This decision can still be appealed.

How it was reported in November 2011, the Riga district Court has sentenced Адатса to a fine in the amount of LVL 3000 (15 minimum wages), and his "подельницу" Велгу Кукума - to a fine of 600 lats.

Both we appealed against the verdict and the punishment Адатсу left in force, and Кукуме - cancelled. In 2013 the Senate of the Supreme court cancelled the fine and Адатсу, and referred the case back for retrial.

criminal process in respect of Адатса and Кукумы was launched in February 2008. After lasted almost a year investigation Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption (БПБК) has transferred the case to the Prosecutor's office.

records of the criminal case, the former mayor and his assistant were forged signature in the Protocol of the meeting of the Duma, which considered the question of wages and additional payments to the holders the Duma employees, including the Адатса.

In particularly, according to the Protocol, the deputies voted for a significant Supplement to the salary Адатса. "For" this decision voices allegedly gave 5 people - two.

However, later it was found that "for" vote only three deputies, against two, and two did not participate in the voting. According to БПБК, this situation indicates that the decision on this issue could not be made in favour of enhancing co-Адатсу.