• Experts: German cars are the least reliable

  • German machines are considered the least reliable, and the Japanese - the most reliable, according to an industry study of British experts. They interviewed 50 of thousands of car owners in Britain and totaled according to the results of table quality.


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    • 6:27 pm on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  За рубежом
      Experts have known about the inability to decrypt data captured by Petya

      The experts found that the virus-extortionist Petya that hit the computers of companies in Ukraine, Russia and some other countries, does not involve the recovery of encrypted data even after payment of ransom. This is stated in the message of the news service of "Kaspersky Lab".

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    • 5:56 pm on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  За рубежом
      Nemtsov murder: jury finds all defendants guilty

      Board of jurymen of the Moscow district military court on Thursday, June 29, returned a verdict against five people accused of plotting and murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. By voting the jury found all the defendants guilty, the correspondent of Deutsche Welle from the courtroom.

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