Almost four centuries volcano Синабунг was asleep, but at the end of August 2010, he woke up, выплеснув languages fiery lava, dropping the ash to a height of 4 km and poisoned all the plants in the radius of several kilometers.

the Level of the danger of the volcano Синабург increased from "B" to "A", several thousands of local residents have already evacuated to other cities. And for those who remained, now is a wonderful view of the sky is both scary and beautiful.

the Most spectacular views, according to witnesses, arise in those moments when sparkling fireworks volcano during an electrical storm faces another powerful element of lightning. It is for such personnel hunt photographers of the world's media watching events in Sumatra.

In photogallery offer several unique frames erupting volcanoes, shot in Indonesia, Chile, Japan, Iceland and Kamchatka.