" shop Maxima in Limbazi, Stacijas street 8 (Stacijas) alarm all employees and visitors of the shop were evacuated," he said, adding that arrived at the scene representatives of the State fire and rescue service (nflss), but open flame is not found.

Now specialists find out the reason why the alarm went off.

Representative of Nflss Inga Vetere told that people were withdrawn from the shop to the arrival of the fire. The inspected premises and foci of the flame is not found.

As previously reported, shop Maxima in Valmiera city the day before, on Wednesday, in the second half of the day fell plate suspended ceiling.

About this episode in the sfrsl learned from message portal Delfi, posted the photos of the eyewitnesses of the incident.

In Thursday officers examined shop Maxima XX in Valmiera, on St. George Apiņa 10A and stated that there are no plates suspended ceiling with total area of 40 square meters, but construction is not affected

In turn Бесерис told that on Wednesday, one of the visitors of this store touched an advertising sign, which, falling, carried away for a two plates suspended ceiling. The guards have limited access to the place of the incident and called technical specialists, who decided to dismantle the entire suspended ceiling.

Representative of Maxima Latvija explained that in this case firemen-rescuers call did not become, as it were, the repair work of a local character.

the Main стройинспектор government Valmiera Juris Мелленс said that examined the building of the store after the incident and stated that the bearing structures are not affected.

it was reported that, in Riga, in Zolitude district 21 November 2013 in the shopping centre Maxima several times worked fire alarm, evacuation but was not implemented. Later as a result of the collapse of first the roof, and then the walls of the building, 54 people were killed and dozens were injured.