"This measure and to reduce accidents and effective means to provide emergency aid, moreover, is the connection with the other shore. Today we know the opinion of our voters, and we must Express it", - said A. Эймутис.

his words expressed at the first meeting of the working group's statement that the bridge will have a negative impact on the national Park of the Curonian spit, was not supported by arguments.

If the discussion of the members of the Board of government noted that the bridge will be much more ecological means of a message than a ferry that for the year runs more than 23,000 times, burning hundreds of tons of diesel fuel and pollute the environment.

opinion of the members of the Council, fear that the bridge will cause growth of number of vehicles on the Curonian spit, not worth it. To regulate the movement can be via existing funds. The working group included the mayor of Neringa Darius is Ясайтис.

In during the meeting, attention was drawn to the fact that the idea of construction of a bridge or tunnel to the Curonian spit was supported by the Board in 2012.

The time, Director of the State service of protected territories Ruta Башките believes that the bridge is definitely not needed. "Just this specific area. Those who submit that the bridge will increase the number of visitors on the Curonian spit... And this influx of visitors increases the risk for natural features and uniqueness of the Curonian spit. We should not forget and about the commitment of Lithuania to the international community. The construction of the bridge is a significant intervention in the territory," sure Башките.