"Calmness, only calmness! It's something everyday", - I want to repeat the following well-known fabulous character. First of all, I want to remind parents that the juvenile stage is an important and natural part of human maturation. At this moment your child is recycled almost all the stages of their psychological development, and if you missed something in the period of "zero to five", that's your right reaction will adjust the past flaws. Say that everything will be easy and painless, too, is not true. Shout out: "You are with me all the hate!" and slam the door, the Holy duty of every self-respecting teenager.

Believe me, he is worse than you, he really believes in what he says, and no matter call you this "revelation" or "nonsense". Every crisis stage of the child is a particular challenge, both for him and for all family members. Remember, taking away from the breast? And how difficult it was to teach him to the potty? And the first class? The main components of success since then remained the same: love, support, calm, clear the parental position.