Then to do otherwise, and will not claim their second halves. To start honestly call a spade a spade.

Why loving (or thinking that loves you man doing it, "causing you love" their "care"? Why actually harm and physical health and mental wellbeing spouse?

* Because that these actions are dictated by deep-rooted him (her) self-doubt and fear of losing you, when you get harmony - that is understandable. And if you start to repeatedly refuse candy, fried chicken or other "Goodies", nice, your taste buds, but completely unnecessary in such quantities as they want you to shove, then very soon the family will become tense, will begin the objections and accusations emanating from nursing hand. And you know in your experience - tried to be a "more expensive". And decided there, in the depths of himself: "Well, thin in the world around his thick body better endless quarrels in a neat and beautiful". And at that moment you were delivered.

Yes, exactly, not less. Betrayed Their joy to Be Yourself, to The Present. And no longer understand what you really want. From there and grow legs of the dual sensations from time to time, then you are happy with themselves and do not want to change anything (perhaps, in this period, relations in the family are the warmest), you longing to get rid of ... (insert correct).

When you have renewed this приступообразное desire to get rid of excess, it seems to be barely alive thin voice you - This - wants to be heard, calling you bring Himself to Himself. And here is the solution for you. You can continue to sacrifice quiet family evenings with too hearty dinners, and continue to do violence to yourself - allegedly in the name of love. And you can decide again become A.

Yes, this call, Yes, it is even dangerous - quiet family boat can greatly swing. But if the two oars, tandem, you are allowing yourself to be a real, give your partner the opportunity to also become a real