Previously Latvia were automatically guaranteed two places in ski race at the Olympics-2014. They took Arvis Liepinsh and Inga Даушкане. In the last competitions showed himself well and Пайпалс eventually got into the list of the best Olympic athletes TOR-300 and independently отобравшийся in Sochi, and exactly how the three hundredth rating.

Пайпалсу for the trip to Sochi required standards of FIS and a certain number of points. He earned in Finland and in the championship of Latvia in Madona (18-19 January) - both competitions had the status stages FIS.

championship Latvia was to take place on 11-12 January, but due to the lack of snow was postponed for a week. Championship had a status of open by skiers from Estonia and Lithuania, skier from Serbia and even a representative of Morocco (1977)).

Program the championship of Latvia consisted only of the sprint race - free and classic style (men - 1.7 km, women - 1.2 km).

In sprint Konkov progress Пайпалс that qualify for the final with the best result, ranked third, after the two-Estonians - Andres Collot and Marco Килпу. The fourth finished Oskars muižnieks's fifth - Pavel Rybakov.

women in the sprint Konkov course won an Estonian Heidi Paradise, for it finished Latvian skier Inga Даушкане and 14-year Vineta Petersone.

And in the sprint classic style Пайпалс became the champion of Latvia. In the final he beat Lithuanian Яунюса Друсиса and Pavel Rybakov. Women in this discipline again won the Estonian Paradise, the second was the Даушкане, third - Petersone.

For victory in the championship of Latvia Пайпалс earned 112,22 points in the credit rating of the FIS, for the third place - 81,08 points. In addition, two days earlier at competitions in Finland it was the 12th that the rating is also 76,26 points. In the result the points for the Latvian skier was enough to qualify for the Sochi-2014.

In downhill skiing from Latvia at the Olympics-2014 will perform five. Their names will be announced later, but most likely it will be Kristaps Zvejnieks, Roberts Kind, Мартыньш Онскулис, Agnese āboltiņa and Лелде Гасуна.

To the current Olympiad such a great representation in Alpine skiing Latvia had on Games only in 1936 and 2010, when started by three athletes.

In Sochi the greatest burden falls on the Way. He will compete in the super-g, slalom, giant slalom, slalom and possibly суперкомбинации. Āboltiņa stated in the super-g, giant slalom and slalom, Zvejnieks, Онскулис and Гасуна - in giant slalom and slalom.