How known until Цилинскис is the leader of the faction Нацобъединения in the Seimas. Parliamentary Secretary VARAM may become a Deputy of Seym of VL-TB/LNNK Roman Наудиньш. He now heads a faction in the Riga city Council.

In the new government Нацобъединение will oversee VARAM, the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of justice. As Minister of culture will save Dace Мелбарде, who was appointed to this position in late autumn.

the new government will be named on Monday. However, the team of the new Premier Лаймдоты Страуюмы ("Unity") are more or less known:

the Minister of defense - Raimonds Vejonis (sacs),

the Minister of regional development Einar Цилинскис (Нацобъединение),

the Minister of foreign Affairs - Edgar Rinkevich (PR),

the Minister of economy Daniel Павлютс (PR) - until the candidacy raises objections from Страуюмы,

the Minister of Finance - Andris Vilks ("Unity"),

the Minister of internal Affairs - Richard Козловскис (PR),

the Minister of education - Ins Друвиете ("Unity"),

the Minister of culture - Dace Мелбарде,

the Minister of welfare Uldis Аугулис (sacs),

the Minister of message - Anrijs Matiss and MP from

the Minister of justice - Baiba Broca (Нацобъединение),

the Minister of health Ingrida Circene ("Unity"),

the Minister of agriculture Janis Дуклавс (sacs).