The Sejm Deputy from the national Association Richard Coles said on this occasion that the adoption of two thousand workers will lead to "severe, severe crisis as political, and in society in General." In turn, the representative of the Union "green" and peasants Armand Krause explained that Latvia even from the point of view of resources will not be able to grant asylum to such a number of immigrants from Third world countries. "Most members of our group believe that one should put an end to a $ 250 refugees. On this number we agree, we shared," said Krause.

The representative of the "Unity" Karlis Sadurskis expressed concern that the issue of mass resettlement of refugees in EU countries will lead to growth of interest groups involved in human smuggling. "And then there will be new, new and new supplies of accidents," he said.

Although it is not yet known what it will mean for Latvia new proposals of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the refugee issue, the Chairman of the parliamentary Commission for European Affairs Lolita cigane ("Unity") encourages morale that will have to take more than 250 refugees.
As reported, the President of the European Commission next week is going to speak with the requirement to significantly increase the number of refugees that will be distributed among EU countries. It is expected that other EU countries will have to take up to 160 thousand refugees who are now in Italy, Greece and Hungary.

As pointed out by cigane, anyone who sees what is happening in Austria, Hungary and in Central Europe, understands that "it is unlikely we will be able to distance themselves and at the same time want the EU is sympathetic to what is important to us, for example, the difficult situation in the dairy and pig industries". Therefore, Latvia will have to seriously consider how to divide with other EU countries the burden.

The new plan of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker officially must submit on September 9. According to EUobserver, Juncker also need to introduce new rules that will help refugees in the Balkans, faster to immigrate to other countries if they want to seek asylum in the EU. Earlier, the EC offered for 2 years to resettle 40,000 refugees from Syria.