Answering the questions, posed to him by the magazine New Yorker, Obama said that it would be wrong to assume that the legalization of marijuana may become a panacea in solution of many social problems. Barack Obama had in mind the recent marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

Previously us President admitted that in his youth Smoking marijuana. "As is well known, I smoked grass in adolescence, but now I think it's a bad habit and even Vice - however, not more than Smoking cigarettes, I did quite a large part of life," Obama said.

If he added that in terms of impact on the individual marijuana, according to him, no more dangerous than alcohol.

Obama believes that low-income groups in the United States, including many African Americans and immigrants from Latin America, are disproportionate repression for marijuana use by the police, while the representatives of the middle class often avoid punishment.

For the company is dangerous situation when most people break the law, and only some of these people are being punished," - said the American President. He called marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington bold experiment.

The the law entered into force in the state of Colorado on January 1, and in Washington state legal sale of marijuana will begin later this year.