' the really important thing is the gift of God. However, the desire to constantly be in a Network can lead to isolation from the people close to us. Live communication in the digital era, is as relieving pain balm and веселящее heart good wine", - quotes the statement of the Pope portal "Interfax-Religion".

Internet, says the Pope, provides a great opportunity to meet people of different cultures, and to find a common language with them.

to Establish dialogue - it is to believe that another person has something to say, and to take into account a particular point of view. Be involved in the dialogue does not mean forsaking their own ideas and habits. To think that they own ideas and habits, the only true means to be in deception", - considers the head of the Vatican.

These considerations were expressed in the Epistle, in which he reflects on the merits and dangers of the era of digital technologies and circulated by the Associated Press.