photo dressed in jeans and a white shirt 32-year-old mother of two children Abramovich appeared before the audience barefoot, sitting on a chair, the pedestal which is a lying on his back with his feet up seminude the -- the colored woman in a black leather pants and long gloves.

Founder portal Miroslava Duma first placed on Instagram photo Zhukova on their unique chair, however, immediately посыпавшиеся angry comments made her remove a picture from a web page in a social network. On the website Buro 24/7 bottom of this photo was circumcised so that behind the friend of Abramovich see only feet high black beauties in black boots with stiletto heels.

scandalous photo notice and abroad: so, the editor of a site about fashion FashionBombDaily Claire Салмерс noted that photo degrading black women and demonstrates the superiority of the white race. She urged stop racism in art and fashion. American Organization of liberation of women also accused Zhukov racism.

the Situation was exacerbated by the fact that the photo appeared in the Network of 20 January, Martin Luther king Day - known leader of the Movement for civil rights of blacks in the United States, whom the Americans annually celebrated on the third Monday of January.

Zhukov has not commented on the scandal. Let's remind, Abramovich girlfriend is Director of the center of contemporary culture "Garage", designer and co-founder of Kova & T. The Zhukova and Abramovich two children - the son of Aaron Alexander, born in 2009, and Leah who was born in April 2013.