Outraged Ukrainians began to gather in the center of the city on St. Michael's square and independence square, and a week ago confrontation turned into the load phase, when the demonstrators made smash the cordons exhibited around the district government.

Decrees the change of the Kyiv city administration made public on the website of the head of state on Saturday.

How reminds "Interfax", Makeenko - Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on rules of parliamentary procedure, ethics and support to work of the Parliament.

General Prosecutor's office of Ukraine investigating the events of November 30, in mid-December 2013 informed about the presentation of suspected abuse of office the Deputy head of the national security and defense Council Vladimir Сивковичу, the head of the Kyiv city administration Alexander Popov, ex-chief of the Moscow Central Directorate of militia Valery Коряку and his Deputy Peter Федчуку. According to the report, 13 December Popov testified about their actions on the night of 30 November, and the next day President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych dismissed him from the post of head of the KCSA.